North America (Change)

CN announced that after having its second best Q1 western Canadian grain movement result with 6.59 million metric tonnes (MMT) moved, the Company moved 2.73 MMT in April 2020, exceeding its previous April record of 2.72 MMT. Movements also exceeded the three-year average of 2.55 MMT for April and March’s record result of 2.65 MMT. As the Canadian agricultural sector works to keep up with the increased demand for staple food, CN’s railroaders are determined to keep the goods North-Americans need moving. CN is proud that the cumulative total of all Canadian tonnage moved by CN for the 2019-2020 crop year has reached 21.55 MMT so far with 20.7 MMT coming from Western Canada.

CN Proud to be Supporting Agri-Food Supply Chain as Company Sets New Grain Records, May 5, 2020,