North America (Change)

Board of Directors

Executive Directors

Paul Miller (FCILT)


University of Alberta



Armstrong Trade



Carleton University


Corporate Secretary



Emile Di Sanza (CMILT)

Di Sanza & Lanthier Consultants Inc.

Kristine Burr  (FCILT)

International Authority – Gordie Howe International Bridge Project

Hon. David Collenette, P.C., (FCILT)

H+K Strategies, Senior Counsel

Tom Maville (FCILT)

TL Maville & Associates

David Cardin (CMILT)

Gateway Advisors Ltd.

Adam Doy (CMILT)

Network Rail Consulting

Marta Leardi-Anderson (CMILT)

Cross Border Institute, University of Windsor

Jackie Li (MILT)

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)



Wafaa Barakat

British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT)

Kelsey Fulton (MILT)

Canopy Growth Corporation

Directors and Chapter Chairs

Elizabeth Drake (MILT)

Ottawa Chapter


Andrew Young (CMILT)

US Chapter

Wipro Technologies

Gilles Legault (FCILT)

Quebec Chapter

CN Rail

Marian Robson (FCILT)


True North Public Affairs Inc.

CILTNA Committees

Education Committee – Provides leadership in the creation, development, implementation, delivery and evaluation of education surrounding certification.  With the assistance of staff, the Committee should plan cost effective, profitable events that further the professional goals of the organization’s membership.

Membership Committee – Targets audiences for membership, successfully enrolling new members while retaining current members. Specific, quantitative goals and deadlines for enrollment and retention are to be set by the Executive Director or the Committee Chairman. The Committee oversees chapter development and regularly reviews the organization’s membership strategies.

Certification Committee – Oversees the certification programs of the society. Annually reviews exam modules, supporting materials and exams. Exams and modules updates are revised every two years. The Committee members are the Board of Examiners, chaired by the Board of Examiners Chairperson. 

Finance Committee – Oversees the treasury of the organization, as well as its financial instruments, budgets, controls and reports. It is chaired by the Secretary/ Treasurer. The Committee submits a proposed annual budget for board approval, and may undertake fund raising projects.

Nominating Committee – Reviews and makes recommendations about individuals who are qualified and willing to serve on the Board of Directors. It ensures that the organization continues to operate smoothly during transitions of the organization’s elected officials and is led by individuals who reflect the membership.

Marketing Communications Committee – Refers to the communication network developed by the organization to keep members and prospects abreast of the organization’s activities. It maintains newsletters, articles, marketing materials, press release and other communication tools that reach members and prospects.  This includes communications to the targeted audiences of the organization, who are generally prioritized in the order of: (1) members, (2) prospects, (3) allied organizations, (4) government, and (5) general public. May be responsible for reviewing and updating publications and acquiring articles for the newsletters.  This Committee reports to the Board via the Executive Director for oversight on all public statements.

Partnerships Committee – Develops leads for possible partnerships, sponsorships, and advertising by fostering ties with appropriate associations, businesses, and academic institutions.  Monitors public positions of allied organizations and recommends appropriate responses that reflect the interest of the members.