North America (Change)

Effective midnight March 20, 2020 only essential traffic will be allowed to cross the Canada-US border. The US has defined essential travel as “For the purposes of temporary alternation in certain designated ports of entry operations authorized under 19 U.S.C 13 18 (b) (1) (c) and (b)(2) travel through the land ports of entry and ferry terminals along with the United States-Canada border shall be limited to “essential travel,” which includes, but is not limited to:

Individuals engaged in lawful cross-border trade (e.g. truck drivers supporting the movement of cargo between the United States and Canada)

Essential services includes truck drivers involved in cross border lawful cargo movement. Further, there are no commodity restrictions — all commodities on north-south bound trucks are deemed essential (it excludes anything that is normally considered unlawful cargo).

Important Notice from Canadian Trucking Alliance on Essential Travel as Defined by the US Homeland Security, March 20, 2020,