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The Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport


Membership offers access to a worldwide network of international contacts, as well as networking and information-sharing at the local Chapter level. In addition, it provides access to up-to-date transport e-information and CILT’s Knowledge Centre with its vast catalogue of newspapers and professional journals.


Please see below for further information about the benefits of membership in this organization, membership grades and rates and how to apply.


The Institute is represented worldwide with National Councils and Institute Branches. Each council is, in its own right, a separate organisation representing the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in their territory. In North America, we all share the common cause of achieving the Institute’s primary objective.

Membership of the Institute brings a host of benefits to an individual:

Networking and Knowledge Sharing Opportunities: CILTNA has a national presence across Canada, with Regional Chapters in Canada and the United States. A key benefit of membership is access to the regular events organized at the regional and national level, including two national events, and regular (monthly or bi-monthly) luncheons, seminars and workshops at the regional level. The events are an excellent opportunity to hear presentations, discuss issues and share ideas related to transportation and logistics issues and trends, from the policy to operational level, with qualified industry professionals.  Previous events and speakers can be seen here:


Access to Current Transportation Industry Information and Knowledge Centre: CILTNA members receive an electronic weekly newsletter summarizing transportation-related news and events across North America, spanning policy, technical and operational issues. CILTNA members also have exclusive access to the CILTNA online resource library, including a full-text business journal database with over 10,000 detailed company profiles, access to 45,000 sources of reference specific to the logistics industry, and access to over 2,200 newspapers and magazines from around the world (97 countries and 54 languages)


International networking and knowledge sharing opportunities: CILT has over 33,000 members in 30 countries. By joining CILTNA you have access to this network and all of the networking opportunities it entails, including international conferences and contacts across the globe in the transportation and logistics sector.


Post-Nominal Letters: CILTNA members can use globally-recognized post-nominals of your grade (Member or Chartered Member), providing international recognition as a professional in logistics and transportation.


Membership Grades

Each grade in membership has its own criteria set out which must be met. Membership levels offered are:


Student  – Students undertaking programs or courses in transportation, logistics and/or supply chain management. The Student grade has no post-nominal letters and Student members are not entitled to vote at the AGM.

Affiliate – Applicants need only have an interest in transportation, logistics, and/or supply chain management to meet the criteria for this grade. The Affiliate grade has no post-nominal letters and Affiliate members are not entitled to vote at the AGM.

Member (MILT) – Applicants have completed a program of studies recognized by CILTNA and/or have at least 3 years of junior management experience in transportation, logistics and, or supply chain management. Members can use the post-nominal letters of MILT and can vote at the AGM.

Chartered (CMILT)  Applicant must have completed a program or studies recognized by CILTNA and have at least 5 years experience in transportation, logistics and/or supply chain management sectors, of which at least 2 years must be at a senior management level or a deemed equivalent. Chartered Members are entitled to use the post-nominal letters CMILT, and can vote at the AGM.

Chartered Fellow (FCILT) – Applicant must be a CMILT, and have 7 or more years of high-level management experience in the transportation, logistics and/or supply chain management sectors. A FCILT may also be awarded in exceptional circumstances to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the sector or have attained a position of eminence in the field. Chartered Fellows are entitled to use the post-nominal letters FCILT and can vote at the AGM.

Membership Rates

All rates are in CAD and taxes are included in price when purchasing membership.








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*For Student Memberships, please email for more information.

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