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The Government of Canada has launched an open selection process to fill the Chairperson and member position at the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada.

As an administrative tribunal with quasi-judicial powers, the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada (TATC) has the responsibility of processing and deciding reviews and appeals of certain decisions by the Department of Transport and the Canadian Transportation Agency. As such, it provides the transportation community with the opportunity to have enforcement and licensing decisions reviewed by an independent body.

The Chairperson interprets and administers the provisions of the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada Act, the Aeronautics Act, the Railway Safety Act, the Canada Transportation Act, the Canada Shipping Act, the Marine Transportation Security Act and any other federal act relevant to the Transportation Appeal Tribunal of Canada. The Chairperson has supervision over, and direction of, the work of the Tribunal, including the apportionment of work among Members and the assignment of Members to hear matters brought before the Tribunal. The Chairperson may also adjudicate reviews or appeal hearings. The Chairperson oversees the management of the Tribunal’s internal affairs and represents the Tribunal to the public and to the transportation community.

Further details about the Tribunal and its activities can be found on its website:


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