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Transport ministers from around the world meet in Germany to discuss how better mobility solutions can bring divided societies together.  Ministers from the 63 member countries of the International Transport Forum (ITF) gather in Leipzig, Germany, for their Annual Summit from 18-20 May under the Presidency of Morocco.  The theme of the three-day Summit is “Transport for Inclusive Societies”:  How can transport policy make mobility easily accessible to all – regardless of age, health, income, place of residence, or gender?  How can transport policy improve opportunities for all by making it simple to reach destinations that count: jobs, schools, hospitals, shops, friends?  Three online tools presented by the ITF at the Summit highlight practical steps for transport to help build more inclusive societies:  1. The ITF Gender Analysis Toolkit for Transport; 2. “How accessible is your city?”; and 3. The Disabled Motoring website:

Transport – a catalyst for inclusive societies, May 17, 2022,