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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (“CILT”) is the oldest international transportation and logistics organization in the world.


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Our mission is to raise people’s knowledge of all aspects of moving people and goods.

We exist to provide the best way for up-and-coming logistics and transportation professionals in North America with easy access to experienced executives already in the sector.


  • CILTNA is essentially a knowledge organization. It exists to raise people’s knowledge in the art and science of moving people and goods for the greatest benefit of humankind.
  • Organize and host meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops that feature thoughtful agendas and leading presenters in an atmosphere conducive to learning and networking by people in government, industry, and post-secondary education institutions.
  • Organize and deliver webinars on contemporary topics featuring superb speakers to help participants understand the market, business, technology, and regulatory developments that affect current and future conditions and opportunities in logistics and transport, and to help practitioners in supply chains improve their resilience and ability to recover from disruptions.

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CILTNA is Hiring!


Given the looming retirement of our incumbent, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in North America (CILTNA) is seeking a...
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E-commerce drives freight trucking market


Due to the rise in global e-commerce, research by SNS Insider forecasts the freight trucking market size to increase 3.9 per cent from...
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