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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (“CILT”) is the oldest international transportation and logistics organization in the world.


Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be recognized globally as the first-choice professional body for supply chains, logistics, and transport.

Our mission is to improve human life through the mobility of people and goods.

We do these things by creating, sharing, and inculcating knowledge and insight at meet­ings, conferences, webinars, seminars, workshops, networking opportunities, technical papers, thought-pieces, briefings, newsletters, training and edu­cational programs, career sup­port, professional devel­opment courses, and accrediting of post-secondary institutions that teach logistics, supply chains, and transportation at a high standard of relevance and content.


Origins and Milestones

1919:    The institute was started by a group of senior transport professionals in the UK who wanted to fix systemic prob­lems encountered in moving goods and vehicles during the WW I.  The professional body they created began its work by developing and promulgating new industry standards that changed how transport was practised.

1926:   Royal Charter awarded by King George V.

1971:   New name authorized by Queen Elizabeth II, the Chartered Institute of Transport (CIT).

1985:   North American branch inaugurated with headquarters in Canada and soon with a U.S. chapter.

2001:   Scope formally expanded to include logistics as well as transport, and name updated to reflect the change. The international organization became CILT and its North American branch became CILTNA.

2020:   CILT has branches in over 30 countries around the world, and 34,000+ members working in over 100 countries.  It is the leading international professional body for people working with supply chains, logistics, and transportation.

CILTNA has five chapters in Canada and one in the U.S., with membership of some 300 leading transportation and logistics professionals from industry, government, and aca­dem­ia, and partnerships with six leading post-secondary education institutions.

Membership in CILTNA is recognized officially by CILT worldwide as a benchmark of professional qualifications in the field.



The Institute’s most important assets are the reputation, knowledge, and influence of its people; the credibility and respect it has earned in senior industry and government circles; the po­tential for networking among its huge cohort of members; its ability to attract exceptional speakers and presenters to its events; its status as a formal accrediting body for educational programs; and its extensive information resources including an excellent global library.


What We Do

CILTNA is essentially a knowledge organization.  It exists to raise people’s knowledge in the art and science of moving people and goods for the greatest benefit of humankind.  We:

–   organize and host meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops that feature thought­ful agendas and leading presenters in an atmosphere conducive to learning and networking by people in government, industry, and post-secondary education institutions.

–   organize and deliver webinars on contemporary topics featuring superb speakers to help participants understand the market, business, technology, and regulatory developments that affect current and future conditions and opportunities in logistics and transport, and to help practitioners in supply chains improve their resilience and ability to recover from disruptions.

–   prepare technical papers, thought-pieces, and briefings about logistics and transportation subjects of contemporary interest and circulate and post them on CILTNA’s website.

–   develop and deliver training sessions on the economics, business, and regulatory environment and drivers of logistics and transport.

–   accredit and partner with educational institutions that teach logistics, supply chains, and transportation, and promote the field to students.

–   provide networking opportunities for established professionals and new arrivals in the field.

–   provide a digest of important news and emerging issues in logistics and transport with regular e-newsletters and regular postings on CILTNA’s website and social media platforms.

–   provide access to CILT’s International Knowledge Centre, a massive digital library of news­papers, journals, and technical papers from around the world.

–   provide referrals to international professionals through our extensive connections worldwide.

–   provide access to, and connections with others attending, CILT’s Annual International Convention, which is held in a different global location each year.