Chapters of CILTNA

The Chapters of CILTNA provide networking, mentorship and learning opportunities to experienced and aspiring supply chain professionals, government managers and executives, and established industry experts. Through in-person meet-and-greets, virtual webinars and monthly lunch and learns, the Chapters give logistics, transportation, and policy professionals in their city and surrounding area a wealth of insight and knowledge about current policy, legislation, regulation, and business developments that influence supply chains, logistics, and passenger transportation.  They also provide collegial access to members and directors of the chapter.

  • Chair: Philip Cartwright
  • Treasurer: Malcolm Cairns
  • Communications: Colin Hick
  • Director at Large: Robert Taylor
  • Director at Large: Emile DiSanza
  • Director at Large: John Coleman
  • Director at Large: Robert McKinstry
  • Director at Large: Kelsey Fulton
  • Chair: Magali Amiel
  • Chair: Alan Cooke
  • Co-Chair: Bob Armstrong
  • Chair: Marian Robson
  • Chair: Andrew Young
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