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The Ports Modernization Review was launched in March 2018 with an aim to optimize CPAs’ current and future role in the transportation system as innovative assets that support inclusive growth and trade. Two key steps the government will take for a resilient supply chain are: 1. completing the Ports Modernization Review, and a new policy on port infrastructure investments; and 2. introducing legislative reforms to update how Canada’s ports are managed and operated, coupled with a policy framework that will guide investments in port infrastructure. Throughout 2018 and 2019, Transport Canada engaged with stakeholders and after receiving comments and formal submissions and in 2020, the Minister of Transport released a What We Heard Report summarizing stakeholder views. On 11 October 2022, the Minister announced that the government intends to introduce legislative amendments in the coming months to update how Canada’s ports are managed and operated based on the results of the Ports Modernization Review. The proposed legislative changes will achieve several key policy objectives, including: 1. Adjustments to port governance and financial management to provide ports with the tools to unlock greater performance, efficiency, and productivity in order to be effective instruments of public policy. 2. Ports ensure their continued competitiveness and are positioned as strategic enablers of trade and traffic given their central role as intermodal hubs that support supply chain performance and economic growth. 3. Strengthen relationships with Indigenous Peoples and local communities through structured engagement to foster alignment of port development and operations, and advance reconciliation. 4. Ports assume a leadership role in advancing the greening of the marine sector by promoting environmentally sustainable infrastructure and taking action on climate change. 5. Port safety and security projects that protects and further the transportation system from threats while ensuring that goods move efficiently through the supply chain. 6. The proposed amendments will support the development of a new investment policy for Canada’s ports and port infrastructure to attract investment capital that is critical to the national transportation supply chain for decades to come.

Ports Modernization Review, October 11, 2022, www.tc.gc.ca; The Government of Canada announces how it will change the way ports work to strengthen our supply chain and make life more affordable October 11, 2022, www.tc.gc.ca

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