Top issues in Canadian transportation 2020 – 2021+|

1. Digital data exchange

a. effects of large increases in speed, accuracy, and accountability of transmitting, approving, and recording information about imports, handoffs, and deliveries

b. Impact on supply chains of faster, more accurate customs clearance with CBSA’s new CARM functionality

2. Cybersecurity and transportation

a. Corporate and government responsibilities for security of:

  • driverless vehicles
  • UAVs (drones)
  • traffic control systems, e.g., for aviation, railways

3. Drone navigation

a. Providing navigation systems compatible with civil aviation and with interests and constraints of cities and supply chains (see also 3.4, 3.5, and 7.5)

4. Electric vehicles

a. Sorting out chicken-and-egg problem:  do increased sales “pull” the installation of more charging infrastructure, or vice versa?

5. Preparing for driverless (autonomous) vehicles

a. How fast are driverless vehicles actually coming?

b. Many or most current regulatory practices are based on a car-and-driver paradigm that does not cross over (e.g., responsibility for a vehicle’s maintenance over its lifetime)

6. Increasing regulatory flexibility and adaptability

a. Next-generation trucking:  take maximum advantage of its potential (see also 3.6, 3.7, and 3.9)

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