On Tuesday, May 2, George Brown College (GBC) hosted its 1st Annual Supply Chain Symposium. Which was a fantastic event with phenomenal and insightful speakers.

We at CILTNA are extremely pleased to be associated with GBC. It is a leading institution with a vision we share: to raise the performance of supply chains by developing a stream of talented professionals who make their mark in the world and progress rapidly to their full potential.

The Agreement signed on May 2, 2023, will create more opportunities for students to enter the logistics and transportation industry and create a new pathway for Supply Chain graduates by connecting with other professionals in CILT’s international logistics and transport network.

With this Agreement graduates of GBC Supply Chain Management Program would qualify to receive the CILT International Diploma in Logistics & Transport in addition to their George Brown certificate or diploma. Students will be joining an international community of transportation and logistics professionals where they can advance both their education and careers.

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