Keeping pace with evolving technology trends remains vital to business growth.

Be determined, not deterred. Despite the headwinds of global economic uncertainty, Digital transformation leaders that are committed to their innovation priorities continue to realize value at pace.

In their latest survey – the KPMG global tech report 2023 – digital leaders are bullish in their belief that embracing technology across all facets of their business is bringing productivity gains.

Whether it’s a focus on building trust in their services or investigating how AI can help serve them, our latest report shows that technologic advancement is not being slowed by the uncertain economic climate.

Get the full article here: https://kpmg.com/xx/en/home/insights/2023/09/kpmg-global-tech-report-2023.html?cid=PostBeyond%01%5BMC%2C+RC%5D+REPORT%3A+Global+tech+report+2023+%7C+KPMG+International%7CLinkedIn

Read the full KPMG global tech report 2023 to understand where your business sits in comparison to the others out there: https://ciltna.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/kpmg-global-tech-report.pdf 

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