Montreal, Wednesday, November 29, 2023— The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) announces the appointment of Julie Gascon to the position of President and CEO. With her proven track record in the marine industry, Ms. Julie Gascon will bring in-depth knowledge of operations in the transportation sector to the entire Port of Montreal ecosystem and put her entrepreneurial know-how to work in implementing the 2023–2027 strategic plan.


Ms. Julie Gascon is a passionate advocate of marine transportation and has held a number of strategic positions with Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard. She is currently President and CEO of the Pacific Pilotage Authority. She will take up her new position on February 12, 2024.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to welcome Julie Gascon to the MPA. Her wealth of experience and exemplary career path attest both to her great thoroughness and her innate leadership skills in managing multidisciplinary teams. I am certain that her qualities will enable us not only to continue our current projects, but give them fresh impetus,” said Nathalie Pilon, Chair of the Board of Directors. “I would also like to thank the current management team for their contribution, starting with Geneviève Deschamps, who will continue to act as interim CEO until Ms. Julie Gascon takes over,” she added.

“The Port of Montreal is a great institution in the marine community, and I look forward to joining a strong team and contributing to the success of a strategic asset for Quebec and the rest of Canada alike. I thank the Board of Directors for their confidence in me and welcome the opportunity to work closely with both the industry and the many communities we serve, to extend the Port of Montreal’s reach even further,” said Julie Gascon.

To read the full news release, please visit: https://www.port-montreal.com/en/the-port-of-montreal/news/news/press-release/appointment-julie-gascon 

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