Membership Application

Please remember when submitting your Membership Application Form, you must include the following:

  1. Full Curriculum Vitae
  2. Copies of Educational Certificates are ONLY required for CMILT designations.
  3. Application form must also include one (1) Professional Reference ONLY if you are applying for a CMILT designation. All other designations do not require a reference.
  4. Please note that CMILT members applying for an upgrade to FCILT level should contact Rebecca Whelan at:


    Strength: Very Weak
    I certify that the statements in this form are correct and promise that in the event of my election I will be governed by the By-laws of the Institute and will promote the objectives of the Institute as far as shall be in my power and attend its meetings as often as I conveniently can. Should I at any time desire to withdraw from the Institute, I will, in accordance with the By-laws, after payment of all subscriptions or other sums due from me including the subscription for the current year, send my resignation in writing to the office and return therewith any certificate held by me.
    Professional References
    If you are applying for CMILT designation then please provide one (1) professional reference with your application so that your experience can be verified. Any other designation does not require a reference.
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