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Reaffirming and strengthening its commitment to the protection of nature, the Port of Montreal proudly announces its $50,000 contribution to the Imperilled Species Fund, an initiative of the Space for Life Foundation.

Created to accelerate conservation work and research on species at risk, this Fund will finance research projects targeting several plant and animal species in Greater Montreal’s natural ecosystem: the copper redhorse, the monarch butterfly, the chorus frog, the wood turtle and wild garlic. These projects will improve scientific knowledge with a view to evaluating, planning and implementing protective measures.

“The St. Lawrence River is essential to port activities, but it is also a complex ecosystem that is home to certain endangered species”

The contribution is consistent with the vision, values and practical actions for sustainable development deployed by the Montreal Port Authority for the past two decades. Over the years, the Authority has forged international partnerships and implemented projects focused on protecting the environment and biodiversity, reducing its carbon footprint, and sound management of its assets and their harmonious integration into the urban fabric. Learn more about the MPA’s actions for a green and blue future at https://www.port-montreal.com/en/the-port-of-montreal/social-responsibility/sustainable-development

“The Montreal Port Authority is proud to be among the first contributors to this species at risk research fund. The St. Lawrence River is obviously essential to port activities, but it is also a complex ecosystem that is home to certain endangered species for which there is a scientific void supported by contemporary data. We hope through this contribution to leave a legacy for future generations, and have the opportunity to collaborate in the maintenance of biodiversity, especially in this fragile living environment,” said Daniel Dagenais, Vice-President, Port Performance and Sustainable Development at the Montreal Port Authority.

Read the press release at: https://espacepourlavie.ca/en/press-releases/space-life-foundation-and-ville-de-montreal-announce-creation-imperilled-species-fund 

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